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Just finished episode one : while I usually avoid mecha, it was the preview that made me interested (and the fact I love Lunar ). Awesome opening sequence although so far it looks like it hasn't got anything to do with the actual anime. The actual animation during the episode was good. Action was nice and fast-paced, definitelly a good star.

Characterwise : another loser-guy (sigh, I'm getting tired of these), Jo looks like Rei (now that's a good thing ! ) but certainly acts differently , we got the innocent looking 2000 IQ little girl, the hot looking redhead that reminded me of Naru (I've watched too many anime), You can just feel that our cook is gonna fall for her and the last one I haven't figured out yet. So nothing really original (at first sight, i've only seen 1 ep).

Music was soso, although it wasn't bad it didn't suit the series I thought. Storywise there isn't much to tell yet, but it did remind me alot of Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (Lunar must have a fix on these kinda shows these days)

About the fanservice issues mentioned in this thread so far. Yes I noticed the nipples too but that didn't really bother me, also I don't think this show is all that ecchi, sure we got nice looking chicks but the camera isn't constatly trying to bring out their "best parts" (omg did I say that ).

Overall not a bad first episode, I'll continue watching it for now.
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