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Originally Posted by stormy001_M1A2
At least GITS: SAC is fairly realistic.

Bakuten reminds me of Kiddy Grade with Evangelion styled plus Nadeisco's hero cook mixed into one.
well, actually I was thinking about the original GITS movie, since SAC doesn't have as much fan-service

Also I doubt the guy here will have as much glory as Akito of Nadesico, I mean, he's not in the OP and he's barely in the ED, and he's last in the credits... things just don't look bright for him, I think he'll at the very best end up as Maia in Daphne of Brilliant Blue, while most likely just end up like Mackie in the BGC OVA

I don't understand why people think Jo looks like Rei. Their hair colors are different, their face shapes are different, their complexions are different, their body builds are different, their personalities are different, their breast sizes are different Aside from the same eye color (which is not that rare in animes anyway), I just don't see any similarity.

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