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Been back into making gifs. Made three Hakuouki gifs and my current sig. Using the first gif icon as my profile pic - just totally love it.

First attempt at animating falling sakura petals. I was asked how I animated the petals: well, what I did was used a brush for a single petal. In a new transparent layer, brush on a petal at the top edge of the sig - so it looks like the petals are just about to enter the sig. Create a new transparent layer, using the same brush, paint on a petal, then move the layer to position the petal lower and at an angle to the first petal in the direction the wind blows. Repeat this with one petal on a new transparent layer and each time move the petal to a lower position. The more layers, and the closer the petals are, will give a smoother animation. For animation, show only one layer with a petal per frame - set the animation to a frame rate you want the petal to fall. Do this with different size petals and in different positions, put it all together and voila! Falling sakura. I hope that makes sense. To have the petals rotate as they fall, simply rotate the layers with each petal. You can also have more than one petal per layer - just be careful it looks like they're falling randomly.

I was too lazy to bother with slices for this sig, so I made the whole thing a gif. There are so many drool-worthy Saito renders but I so want to find a Hijikata one!!
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