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Originally Posted by Nik.K View Post
Ok i will try to find the game, i never heard of it before but i will try to track it down. (if anyone has any solutions for this PM me)

So if the anime was based on Saber and the UBW on Rins perspective shouldnt there be more ? Shirou, Archer, Lancer, Shinji, Illya, Caster and the others ?
There are three routes total, each one focused on the girl Shirou falls for with a few other characters as major supporting roles. I'm oversimplifying it hugely but;

Fate: Saber. Major supporting characters include Rin, and to a lesser extent Ilya.

Unlimited Blade Works: Rin. Major supporting cast would be Archer and Saber.

Heaven's Feel: Sakura. Major supporting cast would be Ilya and Rin, particularly Ilya.
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