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Okay. I finally decided to push on through and finish this. I skipped the Caster arc though since it would have aggravated me to no end.

Overall, it was an enjoyable series. It had a lot of great parts but there were so many inconsistencies, not just with the source material but with the anime itself. Poor choice in music. They used Emiya for Shirou's fight with Gil after the date but used the anime original music that became tiresome at the final fight. The music is part of what made the final battle so memorable to me. How many times can Saber use Excalibur anyway? They emphasized how she could only use it once in the beginning but in the final battle she used it like half a dozen times. Luckily, the good points outweigh the bad by a fair amount.

I know it's impossible, but having another anime adaptation done by a different studio (BONES perhaps) where they adhere to the VN (do all three routes) and leave out crummy original material would be so great.
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