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Originally Posted by Flinch View Post
The anime was the melding of the three paths.
No, it wasn't. It was mostly Fate with a little bit of UBW chucked in there randomly (which, notably, didn't include any of the important plot points from the route).

Heaven's Feel (Heaven's Fail in my book, still)
Do you really have to make snide comments about the HF route in every post you make?

Since the most popular character was Saber, they based it primarily on the Fate route, and they pulled parts from UBW where they would fit and still not disturb the greater storyline.
No, they based it on Fate because it's the first route, and the others do not make sense without it.

All in all, the anime did a very good job of combining three separate paths, which is not as easy as it seems.
No, no it didn't. The anime did a decent job of combining two paths. In so far as it did try to include bits of HF (which was a pretty meagre effort, really), it failed miserably, resulting in the absolutely horrendous Caster/Sakura arc, which is badly written, doesn't fit with game canon at all, totally massacres the best scene of the entire game, is blatently tacked on and, ultimately, turns out to be totally meaningless, having no effect whatsoever on the story as a whole (the epilogue is just the same as the Fate epilogue, and Rin's relationship to Sakura is never mentioned after the episode in which that arc finishes).
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