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Originally Posted by Flinch View Post
When you combine three separate stories, you have to look for common ground and build from there. You try combining three paths from another game and say it won't turn into shit. It's not an easy thing to do, and what they ended up with is an impressive accomplishment in its own right.
If you want a good VN adaptation, watch Requiem for the Phantom.

Originally Posted by GuidoHunter_Toki View Post
While the combination of routes was a stupid idea, I ultimately still adore the series. I just take it as it's own show at this point and try not to compare it too much, story wise, to the VN. In it's own right, it is a great/enjoyable anime series.
That's the thing, as an anime I find it flawed and disappointing. They forget the rules of the story and all when the try to stretch the scenes.

Originally Posted by Cherry_Lover View Post
Everything that is good about that anime comes from Nasu, whereas everything that is bad about it comes from Deen's attempt at adapting it, and that is why TM fans rage about the anime so much. Not because it's bad, per se, but because it's pretty much as bad as it could be given the source material.
I think it could have been worse. As much as I am complaining, it is still an enjoyable series and it had it's moments... I'm just super picky, lol. But yes, the greatness comes from Nasu alone.
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