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Originally Posted by BluWacky
Then the man is mad. Venus and Braves is an excellent game - it's nothing like the other SRPGs he likes, though, it's much more story-based and relies on forward planning and thought as opposed to tedious, endless levelling up.
Well, from what I gather from his review, there wasn't much strategy at all to the fights, which was why he was ticked. How'd he put it....

"Combat is SO simplistic that for the most part you can start combat, and then go over to the restroom, or grab a bowl of cereal, or read a book, and NEVER have to worry about any characters dying. When the text tells you that you should be expecting a long, drawn out battle, they mean 2 to 3 rounds."

and this paragraph here:

"Also, you attack every enemy from the front. How lame is that?! The whole point of the strategy RPG genre is to go around flanking and attacking the enemy from behind by outmaneuvering them. No outmaneuvering to be done here. Apparently, nothing you attack is smart enough to surprise you. You have advanced data on the monster, right down the number of hit points it has. If you want, you can figure out exactly how every battle will go, right down to who will deliver the killing blow, and all it takes is very simple math. None of your characters ever miss and the enemy never misses. The strategy in this strategy RPG has been left by the wayside and the gameplay value of the game plummets. "

I can't imagine playing a strategy RPG where you don't really this really as weird as it sounds? You attack EVERY enemy in the game head on? You can figure out all the fights ahead of time?

Anyway, if you want to read his full review it's here:

Looks like the rest of the game really rocks...except for the gameplay.
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