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Gundam Fanfiction Thread

I remember that we used to have this thread before the forums got wiped, yeah, so here we go. Post up your fanfics, or those you think are deserving of recommendation.

Hidden Faith by Fatty Chalupa
A piece by our very own Fatty Chalupa. Not too much to say here. -WIP-

A Story of Heroes by bondfan
A rather interesting part-AU (ie. not a "proper" AU, but instead it modifies the canon tale) that takes place post-Alaska. Various new OCs and machines, as well as losses that never were. -Complete-

Brothers in Arms by Solid Shark
"How much do events change with just one person added to the equation?" While the number does happen to eventually be untrue, the OCs here are awesome without being godly (which happens to be some of the complaints against GSD...). Prepare for truths to be flipped around Hideo Kojima-style as the narrative progresses! -Complete-

Birds of a Feather by Solid Shark
Arguably the story which revived the "OC in canon tale part-AU" genre in the GS category. Read on and learn the truths behind the many questions surrounding Ken DiFalco. -WIP-

Well, that would be my say on things. Go on, contribute. It would do us all good.
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