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Originally Posted by Rion Steiner
I got too excited on seeing Saber in action,


Not allways the legends are acurated. With such 1000+ years old tale, something could be changed...
Don't forget, there's MANY different tales regarding him.

And OMG I cant beleive Shinji still coundn't just die!! Running away after a big defeat like that, I dont think shinji's sick jokes are over yet. Now I'm more worried about sakura whats gonna happen to Sakura.
... unless, of course, after his cowardly escapade running the stairs, by accident Shinji found Illya and Berserker some floors bellow.
Oh, i can't wait to see what Big-B will do with him!!

Changing the subject, i loved this episode and all, but i'm starting to hate Shirou again. God, how could he evade Saber's unintentional attempts to seduce him? He is gay?!

And, during the fight with Rider, Saber was planning to defeat her without use Excalibur. But unfortunately Shirou came and, in order to protect him, she is forced to use it anyway. Now she used all her remaining mana he was already wasting. He is stupid or what?!!
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