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Originally Posted by Kodain
was watching it for the 2:nd time and now i understood it better. but nowi had some new subs (this was when it was still unlicensed) and when Celes is wounded by Alexander Andersen Akkard offers her his blood and she turning into a "full" vampire. then Celes says something about Akkard disappearing if she did that. that is what doesnt make sense to me. i tought the only reason she didnt drink his blood was so he could continue being her master. and does that mean that she is a half vampire(dunpeal)? i know that dunpeals are born as half breeed but still they are half vampires so it sounds better
I don't remember police girl saying Alucard might disappear if she drank his blood, maybe it was a really bad translation or something, besides it doesn't make any sense. She's already a vampire but a really weak vampire because she's not drinking blood, I think she refused to drink Alucards blood because she didn't want to turn to a monster.
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