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Originally Posted by slc
Why would a story need violence?? There are plenty of great animes that have little or none. It's not a big element in the life of anyone I know, do you really think that people have to make their stories violent to be "good"???
I mean, if it's a part of the story, that's all well and good...but I've seen some anime where people are constantly gushing blood and losing body-parts and heros and heroines are constantly doing things no "good person" would ever do to another living being. Flamethrowers and woodchippers and eaten-by-bugs, oh my.
I agree to that. I was only telling that some stories do have violence and gushing blood but they still won't show it. When violence is there, then it is. There is no way to really tell a story in 2nd World War time omittind all the gore in it.

Obs. I also love animes without violence. FLCL is one of my favourites... Lain as well.

Originally Posted by slc
a) the hell it is. b) it's only shown in Hentai because that's the only way most people would ever see sex from a third-person perspective. You just don't watch people having sex unless you're getting off on it. Would you have writers putting in scenes of diarrhea or gyno visits, too? The theory here is that this stuff is some kind of art, and some things you just don't show in art unless there's a specific reason, a point of some sort.
When I say display sex in an anime without it being hentai is the focus of the script and the actual way the sex is displayed. In hentai it will focus on the genitals while in any other movie (non anime) that is not porn they will just let you know, without doubt, that the characters are doing it (if that is significant to the story I mean.. and of course humans are really moved by that so it is usually significant). Otherwise you are just letting everyone to speculate, like with Batman and Robin (though it was a children's story there were some adult versions of it or at least the market for them, and everyone has a theory of Robin's other role in this story hahaha).

Originally Posted by slc
Er, and exactly how much time per day do you spend in bed having sex?? Really, average it out. I mean I understand your point but I think that the door being broken down while people are having sex shouldn't be any more common than say, while cooking dinner, or paying bills, or talking on the phone to a friend/relative. If you wanna go for realism, you gotta go all the way.
I agree to this one... I was just saying that when doors are kicked down there should be some non usual things behing it sometimes... specially depending on whose door it is. Some people from mafia are always doing something nasty.
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