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Originally Posted by Migufuchi Fusutsu View Post
@Ledgem actually I really don't want to try memtest yet I will just do it if a have a professional with me. Anyway yeah firewalls are up.
A professional with you? Memtest is probably one of the easiest diagnostic programs you can run. Just stick it into your drive, reboot, and then tell it what tests you want to run. It doesn't touch your system, it just tests your RAM. If your RAM is unstable, trust me on this, you really want to know about it. Data corruption and system instability are results of bad RAM. If you have bad RAM, you want to replace it ASAP.

Now the trauma is out for now.."whew" I think I want to switch with linux I mean I think It does not crash as much as windows.
Well, you're welcome to switch to Linux (I'm in the process of learning Linux, myself), but the software is only one part of the equation: if you're using unstable hardware, your software will be unstable as well. You don't build a house on top of a crappy foundation, right? Anyway, Linux is pretty different from Windows. In a way, I think it's funner. If you're into learning about computers, you'll love it. It's stressful if your data is on the line, but just back your stuff up to a separate drive and you're fine. Once you get really good with Linux, no software issues can really take you down, because you can always access the OS and fix things (whether by terminal (no graphics) or by LiveCD). But for newbies like you and me, that's still a bit too advanced (except for the LiveCD, but I don't know that we'd know how to go about making repairs).

The reason that I want to defrag a drive is so the actuator can move less stressy I mean I've been removing files that are corrupt(files that I got during recovery) Anyway I was planning to do a clean format in the future but not today because my drives suffered before.
Please don't worry about your HD like that. It's there to be used. If the drive were nearing the end of its lifespan, I could understand you wanting to treat it as if it were an old man in the midst of his retirement. Otherwise, put it to work. You bought it, didn't you? Are you going to let it go to waste like that? I have five drives, and only one of them gets the retirement treatment, because it's about seven years old and lately it's been getting louder than usual. Don't limit your computer activities because you want to be nice to your components. They're not organic, and they don't have feelings (sorry if I'm shattering anyone's dreams here ;P ). Your computer is a tool, and if you're not able to use it to the max that you could, then you either need to reconfigure it, or get a new one. Don't be afraid to push its limits. Just be smart about it (for example, making the hard drive work 24/7 for no good reason isn't smart, and I can't imagine why you'd need to do that).
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