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Originally Posted by Jinto Lin View Post
The Aida program does not make your PC more stable. However, it can provide detailed informations about your components. The information could help to find the cause for your problem(s).
And please run that memtest (at least one complete test loop). Failure free RAM is essential for a stable system.
When I looked at the aida program 449ram was used I think.. I'm using 768ram pretty weird actually.

well what Jinto Lin said I guess I should back up my files in a cd/dvd just to be sure...

You said that memtest do scan you ram....How can I do a complete test loop? you said that it a continues loop meaning there's no end?? I just have to hit esc to stop the program and reboots?

I'm sorry again I get elaborate it properly again..After this I'll be more serious...

edit: Umm in defragmenting a hard drive do you think it's dangerous to fragment a drive 12months old? Because I never defragmented my drive before....because you guys said that when a pc crash all the files will kinda get's messed I just want to use defragmenting tool to put them all together....I mean I think there's so many fragmented things in my drive...found pretty cool and scary videos... -side note how can that happen to me??

Another question I think it's wise If I put the 512mb ram in the first slot so that it can be stable because right now it's in the second slot..I mean the 224mb drive is at the first slot and the 512mb in the 2nd...Im not pretty

@ledgem Im sorry I misread you post..and darn that's some speech I'm beginning to cry ahahaha words from another pro..And yeah I'm noticing that I'm letting the computer manipulate me to much..I have to be the boss..hehehe thanks!!!

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