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Originally Posted by Migufuchi Fusutsu View Post
You said that memtest do scan you ram....How can I do a complete test loop? you said that it a continues loop meaning there's no end?? I just have to hit esc to stop the program and reboots?
Unless something has changed, you can choose from a variety of tests to run. They're all stress tests of different sorts. They aren't designed to help you diagnose what the exact problem is with the RAM; even if we knew what the problem was, it's faulty hardware, and we can't fix that. Rather, it stresses the RAM in many ways so that, if there IS a problem, it's more likely to become apparent. If you have ANY problems with your RAM, it's a sign that the stick is bad, and you want to remove it from your system at the very least (replacing it is a nicer option). If your system is under warranty, you may be able to get the RAM replaced without any cost to you, except maybe for shipping.

edit: Umm in defragmenting a hard drive do you think it's dangerous to fragment a drive 12months old? Because I never defragmented my drive before....because you guys said that when a pc crash all the files will kinda get's messed I just want to use defragmenting tool to put them all together....I mean I think there's so many fragmented things in my drive...found pretty cool and scary videos... -side note how can that happen to me??
For the video that you linked to, it seems to be an older system. Not to say that hardware problems can't plague modern systems, but I've never heard of that before. Anyway, someone responded to the video saying that it seemed to be a CMOS issue, and I'd agree. The give-away is the fact that, during the BIOS boot sequence, it says "configuration updated" - usually the configuration only updates if new hardware (such as RAM) has been added, or if the configuration had been lost. Your motherboard contains a watch-like battery on it, and that is dedicated to powering things like your computer's internal clock, and the memory of the configuration. When your CMOS battery dies, your clock will change to random times (and dates, and years), and every time you restart the computer, the configuration will need to re-update. The narrator for that video was pretty annoying.

Don't watch videos like that. It's like watching videos of people with Ebola, and then worrying all the time that you might catch Ebola. Yeah, it could happen to you, but the chances are so slim that you're just wasting your time worrying about it.

As for defragging, go ahead and do it. Defragging a drive isn't a big deal. Sure, the drive is kept busy with activity for a few hours, but who cares? Do you think the drive isn't working when you're listening to music, or playing a video game? You're worrying way too much about breaking your hard drive. This reminds me of my girlfriend - she had this thing about keeping windows open, because her mother had passed on a belief to her that if you didn't, you'd suffocate. Better damn well bet that in New York we keep our windows closed tight and insulated during the winter, when's the last time you heard of one of us suffocating? For that matter, when has anyone suffocated in a house or car due to keeping the windows closed (excluding if they were working with sulfur, or carbon monoxide)? Exactly, never. So I put the same to you: when's the last time you heard of someone breaking their hard drive from using it for extended periods of time? Exactly, never. So quit worrying.

Another question I think it's wise If I put the 512mb ram in the first slot so that it can be stable because right now it's in the second slot..I mean the 224mb drive is at the first slot and the 512mb in the 2nd...Im not pretty
Unless there's something wrong with your motherboard's RAM slots, it shouldn't make one bit of difference. If you want to get technical, I can give you some very specific situations where it could make a difference. But I think most of us here have been giving you very technical "but this could happen" scenarios, and you're getting stressed out over them. So, if you want to know, go ahead and ask. But otherwise, know this: the answer is no, it doesn't matter.

@ledgem Im sorry I misread you post..and darn that's some speech I'm beginning to cry ahahaha words from another pro..And yeah I'm noticing that I'm letting the computer manipulate me to much..I have to be the boss..hehehe thanks!!!
Someday you'll gain confidence over them, and you'll be helping people with their computers. These are the first steps you take. There's nothing wrong with being afraid of tinkering with the computer when you don't fully understand how it works, especially since we put so much of ourselves into the computer and require it for many daily functions. Just don't be afraid to move forward, and remind yourself that no matter what happens with it, it's not the end.
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