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Originally Posted by YayPepsi View Post
I love the penguins but my brain hurts when I think about them. XD For instance.. when they're interacting with objects in the physical world, how does it look?? Does it look like the item is floating? That would creep people out. Does the item disappear? It seems to be a combination of both. They also seem to have a physical presence, San-chan knocked over Ringo and that one girl thought Shoma was groping her on the subway...but then did she notice she was stepping on something that wasn't the ground? @_@ If she looked down, what would she see? Her foot floating?
Hence, it is actually better not to think about these things and just LOL @ the gags.

Consider this thought: did the nurse feel that thermometer up between her legs? Oh baby, it's nice to think about that. Oh the heat!! XD
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