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Originally Posted by flack View Post
The kyubey grants any wish and he has to if a girl wishes to become a magial girl. I think that was the rule he gave to the girls. To wish that you can wish an infinite number of times counts as a wish. And about the karma, you can just wish it away.

Now, when I posted that I was actually thinkin of some of the aspects of the plot that I don't like in this show. For example, the restrictions to the wishes are not really explained in detail and really the characters didn't delve deeper into more logical and intellectual aspects of thought to attack their circumstances. They just simply seemed to only abide to (like they have no other option) the rules that the kyubey have said to be true and set those rules as boundaries of ther power. Hence, they suffer due to those boundaries.

In a situation such as that, I would probably have asked the kyubey what sorts of wishes can be granted, the condition for it's use, how he actually makes the wish come true, etc. I would try to inquire more information and understand more of the situation and try to reason with kyubey and such... Well then again I am not a 11-13 year old girl and given the situation, that is probably what an 11-13 year old woud have done. Makes me really wish that there was a very very smart girl (maybe someone with the intellect of light yagami) in the show. I am a person who wants major questions that I ask of a show to be answered and this show left me with alot of important unanswered questions...
There are/were no restrictions to the wishes. It's pretty much exactly like Kyuubey stated. The thing is that the wishes are granted using the girls own karma/magical energy. Either they had the potential to manifest their chosen wish (i.e. see Kyuubey's numerous comments "if it's you, it's possible") or they didn't (generally unlikely, we saw no examples within the show so far).

If the girls' magical energy gets used up, then they turn into a witch. The same thing if a girl experiences despair and their soul gem starts dirtying naturally. Those are the only limitations. So basically, saying something like "I wish to have infinite wishes" would not really change anything because you would still just be limited/inescapably bound by your own magical potential/energy.

Madoka's ability to resolve the ending was not just thanks to her wish. It was also thanks to her massive magical potential thanks to the karma built up around her by Homura. Basically, having "knowledge" or "playing smart", alone, would not have been enough in this series to really achieve anything. At best a normal magical girl would be able to avoid despairing and probably survive longer. You can read the spin-off manga Puella Magi Kazumi Magica if you're interested in some of the possibilities of this kind of scenario (the Puella Magis having more knowledge). But fundamentally, the ability to change or "fix" the Puella Magi system in any real manner basically lay only in the hands of someone under certain specific circumstances, such as Madoka.
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