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Originally Posted by Dawnstorm View Post
So maybe we're looking at the first generation of cantus-wielding bakenezumi? It's more likely than I, at first, thought:

1. Origins. Thinking back to the tarantula arc, the tarantula colony had frog bakenezumi, and mole bakenezumi, and twig bakenezumi (?!). What if the tarantula colony had access to gene tech and Yakomaru gained access to it? And then Yakomaru acquired a sample of Divine DNA from Maria and Mamoru...

2. Biology. People are debating whether a child could be developed enough. Maybe Bakenezumi mature more quickly?

3. Strategy. Yakomaru stages an attack at the festival, but does not use his "secret weapon". Instead he sends it to a hospital at nearly the same time. What sort of strategy is that? Why risk revealing your secret weapon at a secondary target? Or maybe the festival attack is a diversion? Or maybe Yakomaru is counting on "no survivors"? Counting on survivors being incoherent?

Maybe. But what if it's no strategy at all? What if the bakenezumi weren't actually attacking the hospital at all? What if they were hunting the first runaway bakenezumi fiend?

I didn't think I could be any more frightened by this episode, but this szenario...
It's more likely that they (forgive me here) raped Maria and had her bear a hybrid. If that is even possible. They may have tried multiple times. Okay... that's enough from that line of thought.
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