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Originally Posted by ChronoReverse View Post
It was noted already that any one of the teens could have leveled an entire queerat colony, even Mamoru. The queerats can do significant damage with a surprise attack and a load of planning but even with that, they actually can't win which was why the humans were so complacent and in disbelief that the queerats would rebel.

What the humans didn't account for is the possibility that the queerats have subjugated a human as their weapon.
Not counting the Akki though...

I think it's actually possible for the Bakenezumi to win. Humans are in short supply and they are clustered in settlements. Very ripe targets for the ingenuous siege and assault engineer

Speaking of which...the humans possess the Minoshiro knowledge...yet decent weaponry is in short supply. No one has made indiscriminate killing methods like minefields and indirect artillery fire with which one can kill without even knowing what he killed.

Such would be of so much use against Akki or Bakenezumi

Compare against the Bakenezumi who have something resembling a thermobaric weapon albeit a biological one

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