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I'll do my best. Corrections welcome.


僕がテレビでドラマ見ても、大抵の場合、“同業者アイ”が働いてしまって、面白い面白くないじゃなく、“シ ナリオが上手いな”とか“それが見せたい絵だったのね”みたいなシナリオ技術的なものを見てしまうのですが ……。


畜生畜生スゴイスゴイ! ヤバイよ胸が熱くなる!

When I watch a TV drama, I always end up viewing it as another writer's "work", not looking at whether it's enjoyable or not, but as a technical thing- "is it a good scenario?" or "ah, this is the 'picture' they wanted to show me."...But...

Today's 'partner' was really enjoyable!!!
I'm still exited.
Maaaan... it really was enjoyable!!!

Dammit dammit, so amazing! Uh oh, my passion is burning!
I'm gonna try making another When They Cry plot!!


So, yeah, sounds like it's gonna happen. Anyone know if this summer's release of Rose Guns Days is its last installment?

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