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Originally Posted by Sol Falling View Post
Oh man, holy crap this episode was ridiculous. And also hilarious. I laughed my ass off.

I dunno whether SHAFT is pandering to me or this was all in the original material, but I knew I could totally watch this series for the yuri service. Thank you based Sasami production team. Although on the animation side, this episode was a bit craptastic.

In any case, a futa is fine too. I somewhat do wonder at the seriousness of genuinely including it in the context of the story, though. Too much of this series already seems like blatant doujin material, I wonder if they can maintain the credibility of the actual plot.
You can turn most mythologies on Earth into porn with no changes to the plot. Myths are just really old doujins passed down by word of mouth, after all.

Novel readers implied that everything in this episode is canon to the books via illustration scans.
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