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Which brings me to the question of population. Avalon doesn't seem like it can support all that many people. If humanity has been spreading through the stars for...well...a really long time, you'd think there'd be a heck of a lot more of them.
in ep 1, Avalon is described as MAN MADE with 470 MILLION CITIZENS, and Avalon is shown as many pods connected together to form a giant structure, each pod kind of like a ctiyship, so Avalon can be strung together bead like with as many pods as they want, but they also shown many pods being destroyed by Hedious. since people without citizenship is denied to be on board Avalon, I can only assume before that they live on ships, with computer AI regulate their sleep, and more important, reproduction, etc. which explain why 16-17 years old is the threshold for citizenship.
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