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Originally Posted by kj1980
Actually that is a real dillemma for Japanese salarymen. I can't count how many times I have had to go out drinking with my boss as part of "social duty" after work when I want to come home.

Like I said before, Japan is a crappy society when it comes down to what restrictions that your boss can place on you even after work - and if you refuse, you can be reprimanded and you have little say what to do. Mandatory overtime, mandatory "after hour" service and socialization with your co-workers, etc etc. And the same shit happens day after day. All I want to do is clock out at 5:00PM, return home, take a nice shower and relax. But boss expects me to work well into 6-7PM, expects me and my co-workers to go out with him to drink and eat at the local izakaya, etc. etc. Why the fuck should I have to pay for beer (which I abhor since I hate barley) and food when I didn't want to come here in the first place? It's because I don't want to get fired nor reprimanded on my job.

Such things are one of the main reasons (other than I don't have any special someone) that I don't see myself being married anytime soon... I've seen my father come home drunk from work because he was forced to by his superiors while my mother was waiting past 11PM countless of times and it isn't a good sight to see.

Why do I keep on living this life? Perhaps, as I said before, is because I have an escape from reality - anime and ero-games.
While I know that that is the reality of the the situation, I found it somewhat humourous that a game designed to be an escape from reality would have such elements in it. It is like trying to escape from reality into reality itself; giving one a certain feeling of detachment from reality. While most games in the genre are designed to be fanciful escapes, this game was more realistic in the monotinous day to day chores you had to complete. In most games you don't have to worry about if you'll get a bonus during a month or if you'll have enough money to pay the bills, eat and still take your wife on that trip you promised her.

It's probably because of these things that I love the game so much. With the obvious exception of having your ideal woman, there is very little of the game that is fantasy.
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