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Well I decided to not look any spoilers this week,

I dont know if its by not spoiling myself or chapter being so awesome by default that this chapter was exceptional freaking awesome even by recent OP standard...

So magnificent chapter... I am literally shaking after readin

Originally Posted by Phenomenal View Post
I just read the entire script and Again, Nothing is or has been happening, Just more Luffy praise and how everyone is becoming Luffy's tools...That's weak Oda..

Crap chapter..
Shut the hell up you fool, your taste/attidute is now offically full of shit...

No one agrees with anything you say at Bleach chapter discussions what you seem to fan over all reason, and no one agrees to anything you say in OP chapter discussion what you seem to hate over all reason.

You have finally made yourself fool enough to make very first person to reach my ignore list in this forum...
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