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Originally Posted by Cinocard View Post
And is Hina qualify for a "girl?" Sometimes she looks 17, other times she looks 38 with a husband a 2 sons

That's just the thing.... Iva (and the rest of the okamas) are sexually ambiguous. They're technically both male and female (though I guess Iva's DF power makes it easier to distinguish between both his genders, heh).

Anyways, the fact that Garp says that Luffy's reputation as a pirate eclipses his reputation as Dragon's son definitely speaks volumes for the amount of infamy he'll gain when this storyline is over. We've been saying all along that he'll get a huge jump in his bounty anyway thanks to all of these exploits, but I think that Garp's words pretty much sealed the deal. I certainly can't wait to see what price Luffy will get on his head (and Buggy too, of course).......
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