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I'm going to post songs here that I listen...and top them to my favorite...

(To show what the K-ON!! songs can top in my mp3 list, which is full of anime songs. lol)

First of...what I thought.

1. Come With Me!! (Yui Version / Mio Version)
-- First time I listened to it, I was instantly impressed (Reminds me of what made me hooked to K-ON in the first place.) As a result, it gained instant liking. I'm going to play this in Beat Hazard now lol.

2. Oh My Gitah!! (Yui Character Song)
-- I'm not impressed. As you all said, the S1 image songs were better. But it still has that unique tone. I don't know what to call it, but I don't think it can top in my mp3 playlist.

3. Shiawase Hiyori (Yui Character Song)
-- When you get bored listening to Sunday Siesta (especially due to repetitive listening), listen to this. =D

4. Vibration (Mio Character Song)
-- Too bland to top in list sad to say. It's just...ugh...sorry Mio. Y_Y

5. Soukuu no Monologue (Mio Character Song)
-- For some reason, it brought me an aura of a bit sad version of No Thank You + From Y to Y (Hatune Miku) . Therefore, I think I'm going to like it more than Vibration. =D

My Current Top Mp3 List: (It'll always be 2 spots available)
1. Dekiru Kanatte Hoshimittsu / Hatena de Wasshoi
2. U&I / Gohan wa Ozaku
3. Go Go Maniac! / Utayo Miracle!
4. Gravity / Cha La La (Konata Karaoke)
5. From Y to Y / Melt

Come With Me! deserves top 2 for me =D
By the way, Yui > Mio (Come with me) a lil bit.
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