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K-On! London Pilgrimage Advice Thread

Welcome, fellow traveller and lover of the K-On! franchise.

No doubt this thread caught your eye because you, like myself, have also recently witnesse the Hokago Tea Time band's wacky adventures in their motion picture across the city of London, and wish to follow in their footsteps on a London Vacation of your own, based upon theirs.

Well now, have a seat,

For this thread is a place in which we can discuss, share and pool information on a K-On! The Movie based trip to London, including important subject matters such as:

Locations In The Film To Visit
Air Fare
Exchange Rates
Gourmet and Cousine
Where to have Afternoon Tea (Of Course!!)
Other sites to see (Meet "Nessie" like the Occult Club suggested, maybe?)

Well met, Fellow K-On! Fan. You are MOST welcome.

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