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Originally Posted by Chris38 View Post
Mangaholic, in my opinion, did a better job ... at least to me, the writing seemed more smooth, compared to the other version.

Anyway, back to the chapter discussion, I'm starting to wonder, if we will see any changes in Moka's appearance once she actually starts taping into her Shinso - Alucard powers - which, I think is necessary, if she wants to survive the fight against the Gyokuro - Alucard fusion.

I'm not saying that she suddenly should gain an inhuman looking form, like Tsukune, Hokuto or Kiria - which, since Moka's body has adapted to the strain of Alucard's blood, is pretty unlikely - just that there should be a small change in her appearance or aura, for us, the readers, to be capable of noticing the moment, when Inner Moka starts to get ... "really serious".
Yes, if they go the anime route, I'll be very happy. Yes, I can see Ura-chan gaining two or three centimeters in stature, or maybe around the chest. Then she'd be rivaling Kurumu for the being the biggest girl on campus. ^^;; Sorry, couldn't resist, I just know if anything like that happens, one of the first people to notice will be Kurumu. And, of course, Tsukune, I don't think he'll mind at all. I wouldn't. Looking forward to it.
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