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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
Destiny would have made much more sense if Waltfield, Mwu, and Kira had all died in SEED. -_-

At least that way Lacus couldn't bully her way as the only way and try and convince everyone what she was doing was entirely justified and how right her actions always are because she's the one doing them.
Mwu and Waltfield we could have done well without, due to the nature of their deaths

Kira on the other hand, hes fine alive, but the problem was that the damn directors could not keep him on the sidelines like Amuro in Zeta (which would have been perfect imo, mainly sideline while still present, 1-2 shining moments, then gone/in background for rest of series)

The thing about Lacus "bullying" is that she's playing the politics game, everyone with that sort of power have to do that (or whats the point of picking a stance at all? You mind as well not do anything if that was the case, as everyone else will just walk over/ignore you then). Also they never stated that what they were doing was fully justified, nothing in this world ever is, whats right for one person can be wrong to someone else. All Lacus and Co. did was pick a stance, and stuck with it (fighting to end the war and oppose the Destiny plan). Same with every other faction/group (Durandal for his own version of peace through the Destiny plan, Logos for the "preservation of their blue and pure world" etc.)
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