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Shinn had his doubts yes, but Durandal and Rey eventually talked him into it, after spending most of 49 in coversation with him.

In fact most of Zaft had their doubts, aside from Rey and that Faith guy constantly spurring Zaft to fight until Athrun blew his ship up. Which is why Luna hesitates when attacking the Eternal and later tries to break up the Shinn/Athrun fight, why Yzak and Dearka switch sides, why quite a few Zaft guys just freeze in the face of Lacus and get disabled, and why most of the Zaft forces including Talia, basically stop trying to fight once Durandal shows his true colors by blowing up his own guys. (That might have gotten Shinn to turn on him, but Athrun had already defeated him by then)

The only thing that might have caused rebellion was if it was made public Durandal was attempting to assainate and/or frame for treason people that weren't submitting to his absolute authority or people that could resist him later down the line. But that wasn't known.
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