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Yeah you really have a show with so many characters that an amazing amount of pairings can be created out of it. Just a few pairings that I'm behind.

Hitsugaya x Hinamori
Another one of those childhood friends situations, though one where one of the friends tries to kill the other in a crazed rage. It's clear in terms of Hitsugaya's feelings on the matter. Following her after she left and becoming a Captain so he could better protect her. Hell even took on Aizen and Gin for her sake although one was more of a draw and the other was a loss. How things proceed there will depend on how she recovers from the betrayal, being stabbed, and having attacked her friend and disregarding everything she knew about him after all the time they spent together.

Ishida x Inoue
Like most I thought about this one more once the SS arc got going. Ishida really worked hard to protect her and took interest in what she had to say. While Inoue is still interested in Ichigo at least we got to see the interest on Ishida's side from the time they spent together. Taking on a Captain by himself to ensure that she would escape from harm. Even after the arc on their way home you could tell she understood him better after all of that. The sooner Ichigo pairs off the better since it doesn't seem like she'll notice Ishida in that way until after.

Other pairings that I like are:
Ichigo x Tatsuki (Just seeing her recent appearances in the show makes me wonder what'll happen there)

Yoruichi x Kisuke

and some others but nothing that important.

A few though that I'm not all that keen on:

Hitsugaya x Matsumoto
I do like their teamwork and they certainly do a good job together. Hitsugaya works as the serious captain doing the paperwork while his vice captain is more interested in drinking and having fun. While they have their quarrels, they both trust each other and know they can count on the other no matter what happens. When things get serious they are a great team. I don't see much romance coming between them but they are good friends I think.

Ishida x Nemu
It's just something I can never figure out. Yes they talked and didn't kill each other. But come on Nemu is completely loyal to Mayuri who allowed (thousands?) of Ishida's fellow Quincy to be killed and then having their souls multilated. If he ever sees that guy again he won't hesitate to try and kill him. Don't think Ishida could get along with someone like that. She's just too loyal to someone who would kill her without a thought. Plus being a death god she's just on his dislike list at any rate.
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