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Originally Posted by Alea Misa View Post
lol...I just don't see Rukia and Renji together as a couple. But I can see them as just having a brotherly and sisterly relationship. And I think Rukia only sees Renji as a brother, like Byakuya, except she doesn't have to be so careful around Renji. And the way that Renji and Rukia interact imo clearly states that their relationship is sibling like. Its hard to see them as a couple really, they just don't seem to have that type of 'special bond' like Ichigo and Rukia do. Besides, both Ichigo and Rukia seem to have fallen for each other.
Although, I think Renji also has a sibling like connection with Ichigo too, the way they act around each other just gives it that feeling of brotherly affection. He cares alot of about Ichigo as he does Rukia, except he knows Ichigo is powerful enough to stand on his own alot of the time.
I do see Ichigo x Rukia but I think Renji does have a crush on Rukia. To me, they seem more than a sister x brother relationship. On the Bleach Official Character book it said something like "Renji kept denying his feelings but he realised it was Rukia's side he wants to be the most and it was Rukia who he wants to protect the most"
Awwww! How sweet!

Still, my fav cxouple is no doubt Ichi x Ruki
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