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Originally Posted by bluejazz87 View Post that I think of I'm not exactly sure what I desire. I think I know. It's not the aspect of striving for someone to just have sexual relations with or any of that matter. If I had to put it into words...I suppose...well let me tell you this way. I guess for the longest time (I've been single for practically forever) I've seen others be together and share an experience that looks just wonderful. Heh, I'm trying to avoid using the term "love", but it seems like that's inevitable at this point.

With the current girl I'm "pursuing", I think I've met someone who seems to share a lot of the same interests as I do, and someone who seems like they could be a good person to get to know. I'd be lying if I told you that part of my intentions weren't trying to get to know this individual in a way that wouldn't go beyond friendship. Truth is, I believe what I want out of this whole situation, is someone to cherish, and someone to share a lot of deep emotion with. Of course, I'd accept friendship from this person rather than nothing.

I'm not sure if that all makes sense, but...I don't know if I can describe it any better.
That makes sense.
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