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It's not that the reason she won't play women's baseball is she outclasses them. It is more like because she out class the women's national level, the importance of her playing in a women's team is less then that of helping Kou to reach Koshien. She loves baseball and she loves challenge to be the best that she can be. Will top women players be a challenge to her? Yes, to a certain degree. But the far bigger challenge for her is to get Kou to Koshien - which in itself is a testament to her own abilities. She cannot be on the mount but her best student will be there to shine in her stead. Kou pretty much learned everything about pitching from Aoba and Aoba at this point is not only helping Kou because of Wakaba's dream but also for herself to prove that she is capable of pitching at Koshien through the instrument of Koh on the mount.
I want to clarify my posts in that I don't believe now that Aoba is looking for a challenge. It's pretty obvious when you look at her reactions to Midori (sore arm excuse). And how she reacts to the Ouka/national team coach's comments. She has one goal in mind: making Wakaba's dream come true.
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