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I can't yet fully discuss all the points you raise, but in the episode, if Aoba wasn't at least an exceptional female player, how would you account for the facts that:

1. the college team coach, who is also the national team coach, made it a point to ask who Aoba was after the throw from center to home;

2. the best slugger on the college team, who (if I recall) is also the clean up hitter of the national team, acknowledges that Aoba is really good and that not being able to hit her throws is nothing to be embarrassed about;

3. by the end of the game, the college/national team coach knew that Aoba was on the Seishu team.

That last item was an attempt by the anime people at Adachi-style subtlety. They did not show us that the college/national team coach was doing a background check. But he very clearly knew more about Aoba by the end of the game than he did when it began. Take note that he too was surprised when the high school team switched pitchers mid-game, indicating that he did not even know Aoba played the pitcher position exceptional at the least not to demean the girls she played with.And we were not talking about Aoba's batting. Up to this point, her batting has not been an important detail to the story.
I still found it funny that people just want to point out that the episode only showed us that the onlly reason Aoba stay at Seishu is because of her friends and to see Wakaba's dream come through. I acknowledge that it is one of the reasons, but she also had a taste of what female baseball is like.

I see it this way, she had two choices, stay at Seishu and help kou or join the women national team and shine probably become the best woman baseball player in Japan or maybe even the world. Which one was more important to her is obvious, but it also showed that it is more important to her to play with the boys than the girls.
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