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Sexism is adamant in every aspect of life. There are no specific categories of sexism either. It depends on the individual perspective in relation to the social norm, culture, environment, and within many other equally contributing factor he or she grew up in. The things a western viewer like myself would find or recognize within the term of "sexism" may not apply to a Japanese viewer. A Japanese, viewer, may recognize something else to be sexist that a western viewer did not even consider or can't even fathom the line of thinking. On top of that, the subject of sexism reflects upon how open an individual is and how much he or she is willing to accept from a certain point of view.

I liked Cross Game thus far in that regard aside for the physical aspect of it, but that's one of the flaw that I've always recognized in sport's anime all together. Nothing new there. Now if I want to delve into sexism and should even a feel little guilty about it, then I would have stopped watching harem/ecchi/bishoujou series a long time ago. (Ladies are equally guilty for enjoying their daily fix of yaois) And I know very well that won't happen any time soon.

To Proto: As the saying goes, we reap what we sow. Spoiler tags added.

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She has one goal in mind: making Wakaba's dream come true.
I think we can all agree to that without any reservation.
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