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Okay, I just finished the first volume and I felt like nothing much was different from the anime except for expanded dialog, the lack of need to change references to Starbucks and McDonald's, and Kuroneko actually talking to Kirino by the end of the volume.

The volume seems to be dwelling on the topic of "public image". We get Kirino, who makes an income in her gorgeous looks, and Kyousuke, who sacrificed his don't-give-a-damn image to help his younger sister for the first time. There's also Saori, who doesn't mind being called embarrassing names by her new friends.

For some reason, the volume reminds me of the struggle between the Takanashi siblings in Chuunibyou—you get Touka who has been struggling to raise Rikka, and her way to give her a good life is to drag her away from her chuunibyou. Eventually, Touka realizes that having chuunibyou (or being an otaku in Kirino's case), isn't that bad.

As I said, it's not that special at this point since it has just begun. Hopefully, when the differences between the LNs and the anime become more striking is the time that the story becomes more engaging.
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