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Junichi you bastard ! I'M SO ENVIOUS DAMNIT !!!!

This episode more than makes up for the relatively small amounts of Tsukasa-Moe last episode and even better I get to see the actual kiss animated unlike the last season The 'drama' of the 'misunderstanding' was quickly resolved because Ayatsuji-san is a wonderful person and I'm glad for that, the last thing I need is more rocky relationship with trust issues... I'm certain Zero no Tsukaima would cover any demands for that sort of things

Oh, did I mention the overwhelming Tsukasa-moe? Plus I can the feeling Junichi becomes slightly more manly every time they kiss- I'm going to continue to believe that EVERYTHING had happened whenever that camera panned out

p.s - Moral of the story? Dreams can come true... And some times, they're even better than you have dream of
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