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Change staff members so many times just for PVs? Is that normal? I don't even know how much effort they plan on putting into the actual show then, I hope it won't go to waste at least.

So I saw a headshot fatality by Green Archer, now the only thing left for me to see is the main girl in action. I mean, I just love the concept of hand armory / knuckle weapons and she was literally on fire while epically surfing up towards the enemy and then... I imagine something better than a falcon punch, actually. I am totally digging that PV song btw.! It's cute and fluffy, and the chorus is very well done and catchy. I replayed the PVs many times by now.

Originally Posted by sirn View Post
- Theme song in the first PV is "Prism☆Time - Please Touch Me With Your Magical Finger" (ぷりズム☆たいむ〜魔法の指でタッチして〜)
No matter how much I try to think up intentions of pureness, innocence and magical cuteness... the naming of this song is just pervertedly hilarious. I wish I knew what was going through the head of the person who came up with that name.
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