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Aside of whether Suzaku hates or doesn't hate Kallen, I can't see any possible way that he can leave her alive. He let the Tristran live because it wasn't a threat since he beat him with his Albion in like 2 seconds. As for Kallen's Gurren, it has equal capabilities to his albion. Even if Suzaku did manage to disable her with his hax piloting, I think it would be wise to do a finishing blow since the Gurren could be repaired to the the point were it could be a threat again and next round Kallen could get lucky. I see no reason why Suzaku would show any restraint against Kallen when dealing in the final blow. So I think that best case scenario is she gets her ass handed to her, but is interrupted from dealing the final blow by Gino and Anya or Freya and gets ganged up on in the end or disabled or killed or forced to retreat for Lelouch.
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