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1. Silvers, Shanks, Doflamingo, Hebihime, Luffy...
Haki users? anything else?
We're not sure if Flamingo also has the "King" type haki, but he doesn't seem to have it.
By far, only Luffy, Hancock (Hebihime), Shanks and Rayleigh seems to have it (That "king" type haki).
Originally Posted by 7th_dimension
2. Why kidd and trafalgar and their nakamas cannot be affected with silver's haki?
Only the weak ones, are affected by it.
Originally Posted by 7th_dimension
3. my friends frequently asked "Where did Luffy got the power of haki?". Is it true thats all about Luffy's destiny to become a King?
Anyone can have haki actually, if they learn it. All the people in Amazon Lily seems to know how to use it. But Luffy is an anomaly in this concept. While he doesn't know anything about haki, he seems to be able to blast it out, regarding to his emotions, and he has a special type of haki.
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