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Watched episode 2 for the third time and there is something Mami said that I can't get out of my mind: when she throw the Grief Seed to Homura, she tells her she can have it -"you can use [it] once - and is obviously displeased by her refusal.
I see no reason why Mami would go out of her way to help Homura, since they are rivals of sort and as Mami said, Homura has some great powers, so she should be able to get her own GriefSeeds.
Rather, it seems like she uses this occasion to offer her a bigger deal : "You can use one, I give it to you". Not referring to the GriefSeed, but something more valuable : Sayaka and Madoka.
This scene leads me to think that if Mami wants to see Sayaka and Madoka turn into magical girls so badly (and other people reached the same conclusion) it's because some magical girls (Mami being one of them) may have to steal/eat their counterparts Soul Gem to survive or not to turn into witches themselves.

tl;dr : +1 for the cannibalism theory
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