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Wow, that fell flat on its face. The first half wasn't awful. The justifications I wish were in the last Ep are put pre-OP, and the emotional stuff is at least to the letter. But the fight scenes were borderline painful. The "duel" was all of TWO attacks. Even the part where they throw away their respective swords was rather meh since the novel implies that both of them were thinking the exact same thing and acted at the same time, whereas the Anime implies that Kirito responded to Lyfa's actions. And really, a flipping CHARGE attack for dual blades? I would've been happier with him flailing around maniacally while surrounded by light effects.

Recon felt far more meaningful in the novels. Here, he kinda just shows up and explodes for some reason. I blame that on the inevitable dialogue trimming that needs to be done for Anime adaptations.

The only point I'm happy about is how the wall of guardians was portrayed. Far more "insurmountable odds"-like than last EP.
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