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Oooo... a decapitation video. Bleach is on the right track. The tapes should surface any minute now... teh-heh.

Kira is pure anti-shounen. His very existence screams despondency and despair. Even his last line after the beheading, prior to sheathing his sword, he says,
"sayonara, sora no senshi. deki re ba boku wo... yuresa nai de hoshi." rough translation: "good bye warrior of the sky. If possible, do not forgive me."
This is one seriously sorry dude who is standing on the ledge, contemplating the last moments of his thoughts, right before the inevitable step on the air is taken to his subsequent self-inflicted doom. Just in case I've lost a reader, I'm saying he is suicidal. If Kira is measured by an emo-gauge, I'm sure it will read, "he is over 9000!" Yay! I've inserted a popular saying in my post without losing relevancy.

This is one of the most anti-climactic Bleach episode I've seen in a while. The music was just as terrible. Why do they insist on torturing with those horrible noises composed in those filler/anime-original arc is beyond me. Ummm.. never mind.. I got it. Torturing is fun.

Preview for the next episode promises some good movements and background art. I don't think I've seen mr. 69 in any fight, so his ability should be something new to look forward to.

P.S. Kira's ability, while it is unique, it has too many weak points, especially from an enemy who already knows what that ability might be. As long as his opponent doesn't get hit, Kira's attacks are limited to his kidou/hadou. Match up also may cause problem as demonstrated in his fight against Matsumoto. Kira is lucky his opponent wasn't Charlotte.
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