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Originally Posted by Soul Assassin View Post
  1. Because he doesn't know what can he cancel and what he can't?
This is the problem I have here, quite plainly his IB has managed to cancel out all forms magic and abilities. I don't see the need for him to be told every time to use it.
It's one of the consistencies of the series I've actually come to like from this series. His IB is said to cancel anything and so far it's done just that.
Even if Touma had some doubts which I would guess were pretty small anyway, he'd be jumping in stopping whatever anyway. This ep didn't portray that very well at all.

On another note I know why Touma is so pissed off at Oriana.
See Fukiyose promised Touma some "funtime" that night but because of the what happened to Fukiyose, Touma's got no fun to be had that night

Spoiler for NSFW:

Therefore he'll have Oriana step in for Fukiyose
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