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Originally Posted by Ookla The Mok
If you really want to know how thick your books are, I suggest you get a ruler.
I eagerly await the results of the measurement. Or I could just go down to the bookstore and measure it myself, but I already know that Ookla is right. I won't give that volume more than 1 inch. Not that it matters, just that it's weird to hear people talking about "it's so thick" when it's nothing extra-o. The only US-licensed manga I've seen that was closer to the 2 inch mark (or actually around 1.5...) was the Lum Urusei Yatsura Perfect Collection thingy by Viz.

Now, speaking of Dark Horse, I sure hope they speed up on 3x3 eyes. I remember reading the first slim volume thingy in 1997, now it's 2003 and they're only at volume 7? So at this rate they'll be done math is bad. Let's say 30 years, 2033. Oh deary deary me.
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