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This has to be the most pedantic arguement I've read in a while! Are you guys trying to outdo the Naruto forum?
I think everyone here should be intelligent enough to understand that the original comment's meaning was to express the excellent value that the large volume represented, and wasn't meant to be taken as an exact measurement.
Oh well I guess the measurements will end this bickering.

Referring to Dorfl's comment made in this thread about 3x3 Eyes and its rate of release. I'm guessing that this slow release is the trade off that is made for having Studio Proteus do the translation job. It seems that most of the Super Manga Blast titles suffer from this slow release speed (including Narutaru) due to the fact that they are being released chapter by chapter on a monthly basis and only then collected into TPB format.
Just remember, 3x3 Eyes translation and release was completely halted prior to its inclusion in SMB due to low sales figures. As the storyline only starts to pick up at around Volume 12 of the Japanese version (and excels from here onwards) I would rather it was translated slowly than not at all! (Bring Guyver back Viz! - 21 Volumes and counting.......)
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