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Originally Posted by willx View Post
Haha.. see, that's great that you have confidence in your cooking. I do not. I do have confidence in my palate though! I think I would like to put more effort into learning to cook better.. although spending most of my time at work typically goes against any of those wishes.. In fact, I usually end up eating at restaurants or take-out like.. 5-6 days of the week..
Getting a good book helps a lot. For instance, I've had great success learning to cook chinese from this book.

It also is a bit more enjoyable if you can do it with someone else. For one, you can split the work, for another you can share the pleasure of the fruits of your labour with someone else.

And I do have to say, that food you cook yourself can definitely be a lot better then food you get in a restaurant. For one thing, you don't have to skimp the way restaurants often have to, and you can also cook it the exact way you want.

I get tired of restaurants if I eat at them too often.
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