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Yes, value was the original point. For example:

Chobits Vol.8 = 128 pages @ $9.99
Trigun Vol.1 = 360 pages @ $14.99
Nausicaa Vol.1 PC = 138 pages @ $17.95

(Of course Nausicaa is my favorite manga of all, so I didn't mind the price.)

I just remember picking up Trigun at the shop and thinking, dang that's thick for the price. From what I understand Dark Horse has combined the first two Japanese volumes into a single volume for American release: That's about 180 pages for each original volume.

I'm done splitting hairs on thickness, but I'm illogical enough that I'm still going to post Vol.1's measurement.

Studio Proteus is about the only translation company that mirrors manga in the process of translation anymore. This has to slow the process a bit. Plus they seem to have a lot of titles under their belt.

I have all of the Guyver serialized comics from viz, from the beginning till they put the title on hold to concentrate on Pokemon and other money makers (my guess). I miss that series, but I really wish they'd continue translating the Patlabor manga. Two graphic novels of that and it stopped cold.

And who could forget Marvel's five year (at least it seemed that long) delay in releasing the (dialogue edited, fully colored) last book of Akira. My collection of that looks horrid. I have the first large volume in Hardcover (signed/limited edition). Then the smaller softcover collections Vol.4-Vol.10, followed by the idividual issues from 28 (or so) until the end. I should sell the whole lot and just get the Dark Horse edition.
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