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Originally Posted by Briareos
From what I understand Dark Horse has combined the first two Japanese volumes into a single volume for American release: That's about 180 pages for each original volume.
Actually the original Shonen Captain volume 1 has a whole bunch of pages. I assume it's that same 360. Next time I'm in one of the used bookstores I'll check. (But I'm not carrying my nice Bates ruler with me in my backpack.)

Studio Proteus is about the only translation company that mirrors manga in the process of translation anymore. This has to slow the process a bit. Plus they seem to have a lot of titles under their belt.
Mirroring the pages is not always a lot of work--I mean, "flip horizontal" in Photoshop, c'mon--but SP does have to do a lot of work with titles like Blade of the Immortal where they try to avoid having left-handed samurai. Also when there's (English) text on signs and whatnot... The big time-taker though is probably sound effects replacement. Unless there aren't many sfx to replace, of course.
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